Types of rangehoods to choose from


If you have already done a cursory search of the market, you might be aware of the fact that rangehoods are of different types. Each manufacturer or brand usually has a diverse collection of different types of hoods and you can choose anyone according to your requirements. But how do you exactly determine which type of rangehood NZ would be the best for your kitchen? Well, here is a simple guide for you:


As the name goes, these hoods usually remain static and do not contract or expand according to the needs of the moment. However, these hoods are generally good for homeowners who prefer that the hood covers a lot more area than just the cooktop to allow easier and faster ventilation.


If you are more after the aesthetics of the kitchen and do not want the hood to be a barrier, then a retractable rangehood NZ would be the best for you. You can easily turn it on by pulling it outward and turn it off by pushing it away. Out of sight, out of mind.


Designed quite similar to freestanding flues, these usually come in two forms – island rangehoods and wall canopies that are meant to suit different purposes. An island rangehood NZ needs to be installed directly over the cooking island while wall canopies can be easily mounted on the wall. However, canopies are costlier than other hoods.


These rangehoods are usually attached to the underside of the kitchen cabinets that are above the range area. For these hoods to work efficiently, the cabinets need to be so positioned that the rangehood NZ fitted below them covers the entire range area. However, these aren’t as efficient as the other types.


If you are willing to enjoy the benefits of both a downdraft and a hood, then this is your perfect choice. They remain concealed under the cooktop and come up only when they have to suck in the steam and smoke. This feature makes these hoods much less obstructive.

Power packs

If you want to customize the way your kitchen ventilation works, then this may be your ideal choice. A specialized workman will help fit these into your existing kitchen cabinetry so that you needn’t make adjustments to your kitchen for installing a hood. These power packs are space savers and also do not disturb the aesthetics of the kitchen in any way.

Pro hoods

If you like to cook a lot of dishes regularly and want something more powerful than the regular variety, then go for pro rangehood NZ. They are quite similar to undermount hoods but way better in performance. Being quite larger, they can suck in a lot of air and maintain a much better airflow than usual types even if a lot of smoke and steam is generated. They come with a professional touch and are perfect for cooking fanatics and even small commercial kitchens.

So, given above is a brief description of the different rangehood NZ types and you have to choose any one that will fulfill your needs.