Meth testing services

If you feel your property has contaminated with meth, then you should do meth testing to find out if the property contains any toxic substances in the surrounding. In case, your previous residents have manufactured meth in the house; then you should make sure that the house is completely free from the toxic substances from meth. Also, before buying a house you should make sure that it is not contaminated with “P,” and you should check if the house has been used for making meth. If so you must find the professional meth testing service providers who can decontaminate the house completely from toxic substances and strains of meth from nook and corner of the house.

To know that your house is free from the meth contamination, then the only way is to get meth testing done by professional meth testing providers.  If the house is contaminated, then the members in the house can suffer from various health problems. Currently, meth spreading in all parts of the world. The number of users is increasing hugely; there are hundreds and thousands of users all over the world.

Meth Testing On-Site:

  • The professionals’ test for bases and acid called as a pH test.
  • The experts collect the swab samples and do the analyses to find the presence of meth on-site.
  • The experts also conduct a visual inspection of the exterior and interior part of the property, which helps them find any meth contamination exists in the property or any apprehensive activity of a meth user.

Meth Testing Reports: The professional meth testing service provider will provide the easy-to-understand the meth testing report that includes:

  • They compare the results with MoH (Ministry of Health) safe levels.
  • Precise synopsis of test results, if any meth is found and the level of the meth present on site.
  • The service providers take pictures of each room and test/sample locations.
  • A site map that shows the samples and testing places were selected to conduct the meth testing.
  • Proposals on how to clean-up and take precautionary measures if any problem discovered.

How to Know All The Meth Has Been Cleared?

If your house is contaminated by meth, then after professional help how do you know that your house is totally safe and contamination free. Well, this, you should know somehow, the meth free house will not cause any harm to the people living in the house that is one way of finding that the house is meth free.

Once the remediation and the meth removing process, the K2 Environmental officials will visit the place and retest the property once again to confirm it is safe to stay.  This process can take away your anxiety and assures that your home is completely free from meth contamination.

During the retest, the service providers retest the complete property for any meth contamination left behind.  They also, retest the air for any organic compounds or fumes.  They perform visual measurement of the remediation work.  The K2 Environmental has representatives all over the world.  The K2 experts have the tools and professional to perform P lab testing in the home itself. They provide the results in an easy to understand the report.